Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bright young things at Antiques Road Show opening...

The mob from Antiques Road Show had a fine old time at Stockroom, with many of the artists and others travelling from Melbourne to celebrate the opening of the group show, at the Piper Street art complex.

Ex VCA-alumni Sam George, Simon McGlinn, Molly Cook, Jarrah de Kuijer and Taree Mackenzie attended (pictured left), their work covering contemporary art 'food groups' video montage, projection, mixed-media collage, sculpture, found objects and laser prints.

Painting is conspicuously - perhaps deliberately? - absent from Antiques Road Show.

And speaking of 'absence'... Talk did turn to that of Ace Wagstaff, one of the exhibition's 'facilitators', who was deemed MIA...

Did he actually exist? Or was he in fact an 'alter' created by artist Sam George? Theories were rife, however people were happy to admit that they may have come about due to a glass of wine too many, come the end of the opening..

2'21" (Children of the Revolution) by Simon McGlinn.

Either way, there's no denying that 'Ace' is an enigmatic figure, whether real or not (from time to time you apparently can hear him on RRR's Smart Arts program, reviewing art exhibitions).

We'll keep you posted on how this mystery unfolds...

Antiques Road Show is a survey of new works by eight emerging Melbourne artists. It will run at Stockroom until December 5. It is a fun exhibition with lots to say...

Left, 'Slurp(y) Analogue Archive' by Gavin Bell.

Read an interview about ARS with artist
Ace Wagstaff. And view more pictures from the opening on the Stockroom Facebook.

Words & pics: Megan Spencer