Saturday, May 19, 2012

a building (noun) inspires some building (verb)

built in an old butter factory, the stockroom complex oozes character. it's one of the fun things about gold rush era victorian towns. so many great old buildings. sitting at my desk in the gallery, i get lots of comments about the place. jason and magali did a wonderful job maintaining the essence of the place while updating it for more contemporary purposes. today i was noticing the various bits around the warehouse and was inspired to take a plunge into some rather basic photographic play, using simple snaps from my phone and some software that makes Atari seem modern - not my forte, but fun nonetheless!

high corrugated ceilings

seepage hole in the floor becomes a garden

great floorboards in the 'wolf at the door' corner shop area

and check this photo out below - this is just the surface of the floor and it looks so much like a map from an antiquated atlas of faraway lands that i just had to leave it as it is.

weathered concrete flooring by the front door