Friday, May 4, 2012

open and close and open and close

There's a certain cyclical nature with art exhibitions. Shows go up, we have a big launch, they run for a month, there's another surge of rejuvenated interest as they near their end, and then off the walls and floor they come before everything gears up again and kapow! New art exhibition opening. It's like rapidly changing seasons.

This weekend is the last chance to catch a glimpse of Jason's and Martin's work, and the curated show I put together. And for some of the work, the last chance to get your hands on it for yourself. I know it's my job to advise on buying art, but I could quite happily give you plenty of good reasons to pick up any of the art in these shows. Every single one of the artists is just the sort of artist that (a) works really hard, (b) produces clever work that is also visually compelling, and (c) shows great potential to continue developing and producing high quality art in the future. While there's really only one good reason you should buy it - because you like it - these other reasons seal the deal. Plus you get to be a part of that wonderful tradition of supporting the arts.

Next weekend, the exhibition cycle resets and we kick off with a new set of terrific artists and artworks. Our openings are open invite and we would love to see you come along. The images here are of recent openings we've had, where there's much merriment, a chance to meet interesting people, or just look at the handsome and pretty ones, have a relaxing drink and even do some late night shopping. Thanks to an unnaturally high abundance of quality restaurants on Piper Street, you can start at the opening and then head off to dinner afterwards. Perfect really.