Thursday, June 7, 2012

taking a line for a walk

paul klee is an early twentieth century artist from switzerland who famously described his drawing process as 'taking a line for a walk'. today in stockroom we've got some pen and ink drawings happening from a young twenty-first century primary school aged artist. i was watching these being produced and it made me think of paul klee's famous quote.

there's something raw about kids' drawings. picasso said something along the lines of 'it took me years of my adult life to figure out how to draw like a child again'. in recent years there's been a strong interest in the drawings of artists, in their sketches, their preparatory workings and studio studies. but even more than that, an acceptance of drawing as an artistic medium in its own right. there's a drawer in this year's turner prize in the uk, for example.

but anyway, what started as more of a directed objective than an abstract freelance wandering, in the way of 'can you please draw me a picture of a fire engine driving up a hill, towing a giant cup of coffee' has turned itself into this week's photo diary about - organic lines.

and here's the outcome of the first drawing - a tiger riding a bicycle while smoking a pipe. in this case, being watched over by a butterfly eating an ice cream.