Monday, July 9, 2012

instal excitement

even without recourse to the great camera i sometimes use for these videos, i am so excited by these next shows that a preview video was always going to surface. it's an inevitability.

for this one, i made it with it my phone! aaah, technology. how i love thee.

there's some very exciting things being unwrapped, pinned up, plugged in and turned on. only just last night i stood in the middle of gallery 1 with sound artist Jacques Soddell as we listened to his 16 minute surround sound sound art piece filling up the space around us. he's pulled apart the sound of white noise, broken it into fragments, tweaked frequencies and sine waves, and produced sounds that will quite literally alter the physical space around you. unbelievable.

Ross Taylor filled the project space with his delicate drawings. the reproduction of them in photos only go halfway at hinting at the intricacy and the intensity of the build up of little marks. you could section off a small 10cm x 10cm section of any drawing and have a full landscape in it. but most of them are over a metre square!

and that's just 2 of the 8 artists we have on show. get a glimpse of the instal process here:

July2012 preview from kent wilson on Vimeo.