Friday, July 6, 2012

movable motion moving

for this week's photo diary we bring you something a little bit different. the theme is 'movement' and so it made sense to produce a 'video diary' instead of a static image photo diary. or maybe it was just an excuse for me to wield the camera and produce another film. possibly. i do like making these little videos!

i was well served by a couple of beautiful assistants this week, in keeping with the tradition of having beautiful assistants demonstrating to the audience, who activated many of the motions you see in the video.

the hardest part of this process was picking music that wasn't going to displease the stockroom family. for it seems my well-refined taste in minimal techno and disjointed layered rhythms is not universally appealing. hopefully, i'm on the money here though!

oh - and it kicks off with the world's slowest kinetic sculpture, one of jason's artworks called Ozito Sculpture Fabricator ....

photo diary_movement from kent wilson on Vimeo.