Friday, July 20, 2012

new is the new new

one of the fun things about working here is that because we sell and promote lots of art and hand-made creative objects, every new arrival of stock brings in completely new things. it's not like re-ordering another 100 boxes of ballpoint pens. we've got some new scarves in, some new gloves, some new dresses and even some books!

in a little flurry we've been getting in all this awesome stuff. a whole new clothes supplier - the amazing Obus - have come into the Stockroom mix


a new delivery of wonderful ceramics by Anne Ronjat arrived and found it's way onto one of our own 'Made by Stockroom' tables.

aside from the new artwork in the exhibition spaces this month, we have recently taken on some incredible art from Neil Malone. Neil is the head of print-making at one of Australia's premier art-schools, the VCA. his work is powerful and tender all at once. ghostly and evocative it somehow manages to create a depth on an otherwise flat piece of paper, without being spatial. how is that possible? i wanted to put some images on here to show you, but the camera kills out the impact and it wouldn't do it justice. you'll just have to see for yourself - we've curated a selection of Neil's prints right by the front entrance and they are already drawing curious eyes to them.

another new art addition is the work of Ann Brennan. limited edition giclee prints of her gorgeous collage and pencil artworks are on show - full of colour and playfully composed.

check out the detail in it:

this weekend is going to be the warmest weekend in over 2 months - pretty good time to come and get a closer look at all the new things we have.