Saturday, October 20, 2012

the magic of story

spring is here and the birds are chirping - or if you live in kyneton, surrounded by cavorting flocks of cockatoos it's more like screeching and squawking. there's even the odd butterfly flitting about. the grass is growing. i swear, as soon as i turn my back on a freshly mown lawn, having just put the mower away, it's sprung back up another 10cm, ready to be cut again.

anyway, all this spring talk has come about because i just found a whole swathe of lovely photos from Tai Snaith's book reading last month. photos not yet shared. Tai's book (The Family Hour) is fantastic, and we've only really got a small portion left as they've been selling like hotcakes to an eager array of readers. the book is full of wonderful artwork about native animals and their families - perfect for this time of year, and dare i say it - perfect gift idea!

massive thanks to Tai for staying through to the Sunday after her opening the night before (which featured the original artworks used for the book) and reading to an ensemble of enthralled young kiddlies and an equally enthralled set of adults too.