Tuesday, November 13, 2012


there's never a dull moment when you work in a warehouse with three galleries, a french designer, a workaholic man-child with a penchant for making, three boisterous kids, a dog, an ever-revolving display of amazing hand-made and crafted design objects, clothing, art and an assortment of visiting people from far and wide.

i find myself compelled to document what goes on - you'll find photo diaries and videos on this blog - because it's the sort of hub of activity you know is generating something. activating energy.

i found this video of a recent opening that i totally forgot to post here, so i will now! we have a whole video channel set up over at vimeo if you ever want to look through what goes on. the art openings dominate because they are such exciting events. there's a link over there on the right hand side, 'STOCKROOM VIDEOS' >>>

Exhibition Launch_Sept2012: Barter, Gevers, Snaith from stockroom on Vimeo.