Monday, February 25, 2013

Laila Marie Costa - Spirito Domesticus

Over the past couple of weeks Laila Marie Costa and I chucked a few questions and answers around, about her practice and exploring some ideas behind her show at Stockroom “Spirito Domesticus” in March 2013.
The show is an exploration of the notion of suburban domestic consumer behavior and human spirituality.  Installed in “12 Stations”, this exhibition celebrates overlooked patterns, materials and forms.  Laila Marie Costa’s work takes the discarded waste of a consumerist society and re-purposes it as art and design.  

As we seemed to get a little bogged down in the idea of detritus, I thought I would leave the email screen shot as an ode to extra shit we think we don’t need.  
I just hope Laila can sort it out for us. 

Laila Marie Costa
 "1_Uno" 2008 - 2013
   Silk screen print, mixed media, cotton thread
420mm x 297mm

studio shot courtesy of the artist
Laila Marie Costa. 
"2_Due" 2008-2013
Silk screan print, mixed media, cotton thread
420mm x 297mm

Laila Marie Costa's exhibition "Spirito Domesticus" opens on the 9th March and runs until the 7th April at Stockroom, gallery 2.

Interview by Jason Waterhouse

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