Friday, March 15, 2013

Photo Diary - The Nature of Things

Words and Images by Jason Waterhouse

So lately in my sculpture practice I have found myself being drawn to nature and organic materials as a starting point.  I need to man up and get back into cars.

This photo diary is an ode to sticks.

Larry Parkinson, "earthly delights (detail)

Jason Waterhouse "Tell it to the trees" & Proof Sunglasses

Bridgit Bodenham

Lucy James "It gets you down and there is no time" (Detail)

Jennyfer Stratman "And the flowers, they came up wild" (Detail)

Cavaletti Dress

Stefan Gevers "Field of Joy" (detail)

Darcy Bella Arnold "Galahs" (detail)

Amelie Scalercio "Plant Life 1" (detail)

Boskke upside down planters

Qually season shakers

Sheridan Jones "flora" (detail)

Brooke Wolsley "Bush Pride" (detail)

Martin Hodge "Tower of two wings and flowers" (detail)

Beci Orpin "Beyond the pale" (detail)

Anne Brennan "Kerryn" (detail)

Martin Hodge "Turret" (detail)