Sunday, April 14, 2013

Rhett D' Costa 'Shimmering Spaces: Exhibition 2' ::: Fran Van Riemsdyk 'Daily'

::: 13 April to 05 May 2013 :::

Stockroom is excited and honoured to the present the work of two highly regarded Australian artists who produce art imbued with ideas and presented with a captivating visual clarity.
Rhett D’Costa employs a range of strategies including humour and irony in his investigation into issues of authenticity and belonging. Part of an ambitious and richly researched body of work, a series of four projects is presented that explore the nuances of cultural identity. The inclusion of photography, sculpture and video provides for a visually captivating meditation on his research. Rhett reflects a heritage of understanding our place in the present through an understanding of the presence of heritage in our place.
From the loops of place to the loops of time, Fran van Riemsdyk plays with the predicable and linear sequence of time and invites the viewer to play along too. Allowing for a random interplay of behaviour, object and idea creates unforeseen connections across moments of daily life. Fran has worked fragments of time into rolling representations, illuminating both the systematic nature of time itself and its malleability.
The music you hear is by Kyneton based experimental music duo, "Mount Macedon", who played live at the opening.

Here are some photos from the event.

 Rhett D'Costa and Fran Van Riemsdyk's exhibitions run until the 5th May 2013