Friday, June 7, 2013

june exhibition ::: kent wilson + catherine shields

The slippery lines that mark out boundaries between categories come under scrutiny in the two solo shows presented for June at Stockroom Gallery.

Kent Wilson constructs ambiguous instruments from stone and wood for his exhibition in Gallery One. Under banners charged with associations of collective representation, traditional materials are worked into symbolic totems that slide between forms of equipment, weapon and artifact. not dissimilar is an urgent embrace of earthly matter in the service of cultural engagement and open speculation.

Winner of the inaugural Stockroom Prize for Honours students at La Trobe University, Catherine Shields explores the cultural, legal and physical boundaries of geographic spaces for her exhibition in Gallery Two. In Relation to- is an investigation into territories of negotiation between the psychological, the sexual and the social. Using walking as process the artist attempts to recast memory into the static space of the gallery.

kent wilson - catherine shields from stockroom on Vimeo.

OPENING SATURDAY 08 JUNE, 4:30 - 7pm at stockroom
08 June to 07 July 2013

Music by - Atoms for Peace