Thursday, August 12, 2010

How did that shed get in here?

Something crazy has been happening at Stockroom all this week..

A giant shed has magically grown there, day by day, until it has taken up just about every bit of space inside Gallery I!

It's no accident; Castlemaine artist David Waters was invited to build a shed at Stockroom as part of the very first major exhibition, since Stockroom opened its doors only a few weeks ago..

David's shed installation is called 'Domain'. He has been hard at work building it, bit by bit, every day this week, occasionally taking breaks to be interviewed on ABC Radio Victoria. David says he's hoping that the shed strikes an instant chord with people when they see it - at once familiar yet strange; the iconic shed inside the strange context of an art gallery, an unusual experience to be sure...

Come and see Domain for yourself! The opening is Saturday August 14, 4-7pm, at Stockroom: 96-98 Piper Street, Kyneton.

And have a look at the work-in-progress photo album on Stockroom's Facebook page. Blokes and their sheds, eh?!