Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Domain opening at Stockroom

Photo by Nicholas Sergeant

Stockroom's first major art exhibition Domain by David Waters was a success, with over one hundred people checking out David's shed under the roof of Gallery I, last Saturday arvo..

It's quite a confronting sight, to see a giant shed in such an odd context... Walking past one in a paddock or on a suburban block you wouldn't give it a second thought. But inside a pristine, stark gallery - well that's another thing entirely.

As you might imagine, it stirred up all sorts of things in the menfolk who viewed it. One guy said that the shed made him nostalgic for his own old shed, which used to be on a block he lived on in Kyneton (no more). He said Domain made him "miss" his old shed, now that he no longer lived in a place that had one..

Another man, Nicholas Sergeant (who took some excellent photos of the shadows the shed cast on Stockroom's walls), said he was "struck" by David's shed, as "a very abrupt 'territorialisation' of the inside by the sudden onset of the outside", and that it had a "profound impact on
the room." A bit like he could feel the shed from its bulk in that space.

Either way you look at it, it's worth a squizz. the exhibition is on at Stockroom until September 5, with many photos featured on Stockroom's Facebook page.

And feel free to have a read of Stockroom director Jason Waterhouse's essay that he wrote for the Domain exhibition, another bloke inspired by a humble shed...