Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Up up and away...

Lost & Found opening: pic by David Sevior.

The 'Lost and Found' exhibition at Stockroom kicked off in style last Saturday 11th September, with over 150 people making their way to Stockroom in Kyneton to see the latest show by two of Victoria's best industrial designers, Ross Gardam and David Sevior.

Curious to see what the show was all about, people came all day to check out the inflatables, furniture, lighting designs and 'found image' animations, throughout the day and into the evening. The title and pieces within the show represent the use - and ‘re-purposing’ - of existing and discarded materials and objects that would otherwise become landfill. All pieces and objects utilise found and reclaimed materials and elements.

David said that the show "was well received with people commenting on the use of stop/start animations within some displays." Ross was also chuffed at the turn out, saying that the show was a great opportunity for him. "It has been a refreshing experience to escape the city and have the opportunity to exhibit in a place that seems to value art and design." Having worked with David for some time now, he said that Lost & Found came about when he and David first collaborated several years ago. "The.. process between David and I started with the production of the 'Tyred Chair', which was part of the State of Design festival in 2008. The project goal was to value add to or give a second life to objects which where close to the grave. Tyred really set the tone for the Lost & Found exhibition which contains other products which fit the same ideal."

David adds, "from a process and manufacturing perspective" Lost & Found is "a great way to show the path of a product. I think people found this interesting - [instead of only being able to look at] the finished piece."

Lost & Found is featured in the arts section of the Wednesday Age this week, with many more people expected to view the works on display at Stockroom until October 3. And Ross Gardam's furniture is also featured in the current edition of Monument Magazine.

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Pic by David Sevior.