Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dual opening spectacular!

New Stockroom exhibitions 'Black Mirrors' and 'Realm' opened with gusto on Saturday October 9, 2010... The amount of work put into the shows by the two artists was clearly visible: Larry Parkinson produced an astonishing 32 prints (made since September!), and Roman Liebach's giant granite-wood pieces - delicately poised over a beautiful red light installation - were simply awe-inspiring...

Above, Roman Liebach's 'Black Mirrors' sculpture installation

The opening was well-attended all afternoon, with people also travelling from Melbourne to see both shows. Larry sold three prints on the spot, while a Castlemaine art collector came in to Stockroom for a sneak preview of Roman's show, after catching an "enthusiastic and charming" radio interview that morning, which the artist gave to ABC Central Victoria breakfast presenter Simon Rogers. Roman has included 4 new works in the show, made from wood, metal and granite.

This show is filled with highly collectible work by two established Victorian artists. Larry Parkinson is a visual arts lecturer at Swinburne University, this year retruning to exhibiting after a break (he began with 'Mantle' at Wolf At The Door in March.) Originally from Poland - and a former scientist - Roman Liebach is an award-winning sculptor with several pieces included in the McClelland Sculpture Gallery + Park Collection, twice-finalist in the prestigious Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award.

Above, images from the opening of 'Realm', including Larry Parkinson and artist-come-'art critic' Laila Costa, left...

Come down and see the work for yourself! Showing until November 7, Galleries I & II at Stockroom - and check out the beautiful pictures from the Opening. Are you in any of them?!