Saturday, September 24, 2011

Meet Your Maker: Masato Takasaka

Can you write an exhibition statement in the form of a sentence to sit alongside the title of the show "Whatever doesn't work"

Whatever doesn't work? doesn't have to 'work'...I like how art is a bit 'whatever' sometimes...sometimes I guess whatever doesn't works - works the best...maybe.

Your previous work looks like a crazy mash-up of colour and paper. Is it actually organised chaos?

Actually, it is a mash-up of previous work I have made- which makes the next work and so on...I try not
to plan anything if I can help it..otherwise there would be no point in making the work if I already knew what I was doing...I tend to improvise with the elements of my installations, I guess it's a bit like playing guitar but not knowing how to play but making up the song as you go along and pretending that I know how to play...

How did you get into sculpture, and which modern sculptors are flicking your switch?

I'm not sure if you can call it sculpture...I try not to make anything I can help it...most of the time I end up ooking out of the window of my studio...kind of like that episode of Seinfeld where George Costanza gets a new job and doesn't know what to do...-mostly the elements I work with are already made, and each time I have an exhibition, it's like activating storage or something. I like the idea of arranging, instead of making.

Most of the the time I literally look at the past works that I have made, and then combine them with other found objects which I have come across or given to me by friends. I like the idea each time that I have an exhibition it is like constructing my own travelling museum so in a way I guess I am my own muse(um...)

I recently watched an excerpt of a clip on You-Tube where Warhol was asked "What do you think of Jasper Johns?" and he replies, "He makes a good sandwich...".

‘Whatever doesn’t works’ is kinda self-explanatory. Do you think that concept gives artist’s more confidence to proceed? ‘Cause either way it will work?

I guess art doesn't have to 'work'...again, I like playing guitar, sometimes I just like making up my own songs- making up my own scales...-and doing cover versions of myself and others -...I guess maybe like method acting, but I like to make up my own methods...which don't necessarily 'work' but in not working, it works for me or at least I can pretend it has worked...fake it 'till you make it!

The name stems from the Larry David movie. What’s your LD moment?

I prefer Seinfeld myself actually...did you say LSD moment? I havn't dropped acid in years...except having a half tab at art-school way back in the mid-latte nineties...

Your CV is so packed with exhibitions, awards and experience it is overwhelming. What’s been a highlight?

This show at Stockroom with Lane Cormick, Ry Haskings and Lisa Radford, because they all make great sandwiches...

Masato Takasaka
creative director

progressive masatotecture + design
masterplanning the universe in space + time