Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ry Hasking "Muzzle Zeal"

Your new show is called Muzzle Zeal. Where did the name come from?

Its a take on Curb your enthusiasm which is a take on Whatever doesn't work which is a take on Whatever works

does the work in this show differ from the past?

My last few projects haven't been conventional gallery shows and I'm approaching this show more like a gallery show.

There are so many vibrant colours throughout your works. Do they act as symbols, or are they merely an aesthetic?

The abstract colour compositions are usually coded. Colours are assigned numbers and the numbers come from a variety of sources.
What is the attraction of creating a work for a specific space?

I consider the architecture, history and general function of a space important in regards to all the decisions made when preparing for a show.

Do you consider the viewer when creating wok or is it entirely a personal endeavour?

The viewer plays an active role in the network of relationships that a series of works proposes.

Your tertiary art education spans 15 years. Do you have a thirst for further development and learning?
I'm currently undertaking an MFA at Monash University

What is your next big dream, in art or otherwise?

I've never been to Europe before and I am currently looking forward to going there at the end of the year.

Also, why Curb Your Enthusiasm and Whatever Works? Larry David is obviously comedy God, but how did his work translate into an art show?

I don't really have a straightforward answer. All I can say is that these titles and therefore Larry act as reference points amongst many to be presented in the show that promote relations between them, the works, the viewers and the space. In one way it acts simply as a way to relate the two shows.