Saturday, May 12, 2012

may opening

a great night last night for our May openings, an excellent turnout and wonderful atmosphere. Debra supplied some nibbles to keep the burgeoning crowd refreshed, Beck kept the drinks flowing, and people met and mingled amongst a fine array of artworks.

 Pandarosa's Andii (left) and Ariel (looking handsome and ponderous)

contemplating the evocative landscapes of Debra Goldsmith

getting up close and personal with Debra's Ghost and Solace(Mourning Tree)

drawing a crowd to Larry Parkinson's work

it's the art that rewards time spent with it that is the art that lasts

 Larry's work has a lot of symbolic  imagery and it was great to see which works appealed to different people
more Larry

 Debra Goldsmith deservedly basking in the popularity of her paintings

chock-a-block in the galleries

inspecting Pandarosa's collages and paintings
it's always fascinating to see the detail of how art is made

some discussion about favourite works

   the milling crowd of art lovers

 pondering Pandarosa
catching up for a chat

a swirling flow of people
contemplating Larry

the shows run until 3 June and there's nothing like seeing the artwork in the flesh. each show by Debra, Larry and Pandarosa has been well crafted into a considered body of work, giving each gallery space its own particular character and feeling.